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Girls And Their Boys 45
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Girls And Their Boys 45

Starring: Elisa, Joseph, Carleigh, Joshua

Scene 1: Standing on her tiptoes to reach the top shelf of the kitchen, Elisa's short skirt is lifted
just so slightly so we get a glimpse of her girly panties. Approaching her from behind, Joseph caresses
her pert breasts and pubic region and completely undresses her. Sitting on the kitchen counter, Elisa
opens her legs wide apart, inviting Joseph to lick her immaculate shaved vulva. Moving towards the bed,
Elisa looks into Joseph eyes as she grabs his penis and licks it from shaft to head before going deep on it.
Sitting on top of Joseph, Elisa rides his hard dick as she moans in pleasure, before turning around in all
fours, offering her pussy from behind doggy style until they can't hold an orgasm anymore
Scene 2: Moving around gracefully in her roller skates, Carleigh smiles as she bends slightly forward in
the kitchen counter, raising her round bum. Approaching her from behind, her boyfriend Joshua kisses
her neck and caresses her breasts and pubic region before undressing each other. Kneeling before Joshua,
Carleigh looks at straight at him before grabbing her erect penis and licking it from head to bottom. Laying
on her belly, Carleigh sticks her bum out, gasping for air as she feels his dick going deep inside her.

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